The VieConnect team has improved its own wireless network, thus enabling to connect IoT carried by the dependent person to its HDS Cloud Server. Essential data are collected thanks to portable sensors which can then be relayed through an interconnected interface to a secure cloud database where the data are stored, organized and processed.


SECCO sensor

SECCO sensor

The the SECCO sensor’s abilities represent an added value as it may be reused-adapted and is wireless without any constraints for the carrier. It collects real-time medical data and then sends them to a connected HUB thanks to a low-energy Bluetooth communication technology.

  • Detection of abnormal temperature

  • Detection of absorbing briefs saturation

  • Detection of the change time

  • Detection of the need for change

  • Indoor localization

Over-the-air updates and integration of new complementary functionalitiesimplemented in the same sensor. The SECCO sensor then becomes multifunctional while keeping the same IoT infrastructure.

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Connected HUB

Connected HUB

The connected VieConnect Platform interface is the keystone of our IoT. It enables to connect the SECCO sensor thanks to the low-energy Bluetooth technology in order to relay the collected data to our secure Cloud servers.

  • Multifunctional

  • Processing of the interconnected system

  • Data receipt & transfer

Server Cloud

Server Cloud

The Cloud servers on which are hosted all the collected, processed and stored data are HDS certified and GDPR compliant.

  • AWS (Amazon Web Services)

  • Serverless

  • HDS certified

  • GDPR compliant

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The SECCO medical applications are easy, ergonomic, implemented for you : the healthcare professionals for whom the incontinent care of dependent persons raises a daily challenge.

  • Real-time medical monitoring

  • Personalized notifications

  • Health Reporting after every brief change

  • Health data export & analysis

Our IoT system combined with the applications which may be use on all the digital supports make our innovation a real tool to ensure a daily medical monitoring.


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